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Hello there and welcome to my brand new website! I designed this site with a few simple things in mind:  A sampler of who I am and what I do as an Artist and Instructor. Click the MEDIA link on the Navigation bar above to check out video and audio recordings. The audio and video pages are separated by hyperlink (just click on AUDIO or VIDEO) to go to these pages.   I am so very grateful to be a musician as it has allowed me the experience of touring my home country of Canada as well as  40 countries.  I have had the incredible privilege to visit these destinations while either performing with my Trio “The Peter Shea Trio” , “The Shea D Duo” as well as other bands and touring acts that I have backed and performed with.   I hope you enjoy exploring my website, and thanks for stopping by.   
Peter M Shea

ABOUT PETER Is a Bio page with an overview of Peter’s education and                                experiences accompanied by photos.  

MEDIA Features YouTube Videos of Peter performing Live with his Trio and other Bands  as well as MP3’s of Peter performing on:

 Piano                              Drums              Vocals 

MUSIC LESSONS Is a page featuring a sampler of Peter Shea’s teaching techniques.  He is currently building his new studio. It will be finished in time for spring!! This page also features a few “teaser” videos and mp3’s of some lessons and exercises where he provides accompaniment on drums or keyboards giving his students a unique opportunity to perform they’re music with professional backing.
CONTACT here you can contact Peter directly as well as navigate to his calendar page to check out his upcoming performances. ( Calendar page under construction)

Accomplished pianist, percussionist and vocalist

Photo by: “The Brain Farm”